Clan Cuthbertson Web Consulting Solutions

Web Consulting Solutions

We have more than 15 years experience in web development and consulting. We specialize in providing guidance in areas such as the following:

  • accessibility for users with disabilities
  • code validation and development standards
  • content writing for the web
  • navigation and site structure
  • search engine optimization
  • site statistics and tracking analytics
  • use of photography and videography
  • use of social media and traditional media for marketing

We provide consulting services for hobbyists, business owners as well as not-for-profit agencies.

Whether you are just starting out in your web development endeavors or if your organization already has an online presence, we can assist you with planning your development or re-development needs.

Our philosophy is one of teaching and empowerment.


Are you finding yourself lost amidst some of the technical terms and jargon associated with web development? Fear not, we speak both geek and non-geek.

You can be certain that we'll not bury you in a lot of geek-speak. You may even find yourself picking up a little geek to impress your friends and co-workers!

Existing Web Site Projects: Think You Might Need Help?

Ask yourself the following about your current web site project:

Esthetics and Content

  • Does it effectively represent your existing offline marketing campaign and
    blend well with your existing brand strategy?
  • Does it speak to your target audience both from a content and design viewpoint?
  • Does it answer the 5 Ws about your product or service?
    (Who, What, Where, When, Why?)
  • Does it contain text content that is readable and free of grammatical errors?
  • Does it inspire web visitors to return often for new and engaging content?


  • Is the site viewable without errors using common web browsers and platforms?
  • Is the site viewable using common screen reader technologies for special needs?
  • Is the site navigation both simple and intuitive for your web visitors?
  • Is the site free of broken web pages and image links?
  • Is the site searchable either via internal search tool or external search engine?
    e.g. Google
  • Is the site printer friendly?
  • Is the site currently recording visitor statistics? If so, are you reviewing the data
    and performing content or structural changes based on analytics?

Social and Rich Media

  • Do you use social media services to help promote your site and engage visitors?
    e.g. Facebook, Twitter
  • Do you use rich media such as video to further detail your products or services or
    to help your audience understand more about your agency?
  • Do you use comment features to enable two-way interaction between your audience
    and your agency?
  • Do you use subscription-based resources such as RSS news feeds or opt-in newsletters
    to create push-content to your audience?

If you have any concerns with your existing project, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

New Web Site Projects

The planning of a new project from the ground up can be a daunting task. Please feel to contact us if you require assistance with any of the above issues.