Clan Cuthbertson Web Consulting Solutions

Computer Consulting Services

Clan Cuthbertson also provides computing consulting services. We've provided computing consulting services for individual hobbyists, small businessses and not-for-profit agencies.

Whether you are an established computing user or are just beginning your journey of exploration, we can assist with providing direction and resources for your computing needs.

Our philosophy is one of teaching and empowerment.


Are you finding yourself lost amidst some of the technical terms and jargon associated with web development? Fear not, we speak both geek and non-geek.

You can be certain that we'll not bury you in a lot of geek-speak. You may even find yourself picking up a little geek to impress your friends and co-workers!

Computing Solutions

Call us before you buy. We've seen countless scenarios in which a customer contacts us with assistance on a newly purchased computer system only to discover that their new system will not fill their computing needs. Remember, just because you spent the most on a computer does not mean that it was the best for you.

We don't sell hardware

  • We are consultants. We don't sell hardware, nor do we recommend purchasing from any computing store that pays their staff a commission.
  • We work with you to determine your specific computing needs. We aren't going to recommend that you buy something that will not fulfill your needs.
  • Whether your need a computer for yourself, a business or a student going away to school, we can assist with providing direction and advice on your computing purchase.

Training Resources

If you require computing training, let us assist you in locating the correct training resources that you need to help you understand your computing hardware.