Clan Cuthbertson Web Consulting Solutions


While we welcome requests for consulting services, please be advised of the following:

Web Development Consulting

We do not offer full-web production services. We offer consulting services. We may take on certain development projects depending upon the scale and delivery requirements. However, it is our philosophy to educate and empower so that clients are better prepared to maintain their projects afterward.

Please feel free to contact us if you require consulting on either a new or existing web development project. If our schedule is such that we cannot readily accomodate you, we will ensure that you are directed to the most effective resources for finding solutions to your issues.

When contacting us for a consulting request, please indicate the following regarding your project:

  • nature of the web development project, including if existing or new development
  • if existing project, please specify hosting solution and platform
  • whether you are using an in-house or contracted development personnel
  • expected budget available for the development project

Computer Consulting

If you requiring computer consulting, please indicate the following when you are submitting a request for computing assistance:

  • Your model of computer and the version of your operating system
    (processing speed, amount of installed memory are also helpful details)
  • If you require advice on a specific software application, please provide the exact version that you have installed on your unit.
  • If you require assistance on a new computer purchase, please provide an overview of your anticipated personal or business applications.
  • Always include some information regarding your current level of computing experience. It will assist us in customizing a computing solution for your requirements.

Also note that we are based in Welland, Ontario, Canada. If you are located outside our service area and telecommuting is an option for your agency, please feel free to contact us for assistance. Questions are always welcome.

Please email your enquiry to webdev at clancuthbertson dot com and provide full contact details. Replies will be provided within 24-48 hours.